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Check out what our clients have to say:


"Making a difference"​ 

I came to Hard Body in July 2011, after just completing a marathon. I knew I needed to work on my flexibility, and I was looking for some

guidance. Wow, I can't believe what a difference incorporating flexibility and strength training made... I completed my 3rd Ironman on

8/19/12. It was the hardest Ironman course I've ever done, and I got my best time EVER! This past year working with Stacia at Hard Body

has made a huge difference. Stacia is an incredible trainer. The research she did for my Ironman training, and the program she put me on

is much more then I ever imagined when I signed on with Hard Body. Her dedication to my race, and my health is greatly appreciated.

Stacia, thanks for everything you did for me to get me to the start, and finish line of Ironman Mont-Tremblant! You gave me the extra edge

I needed to push my body to a new PR (Personal Record). It was an honor to represent Hard Body! I've trained with many Hard Body

clients over the year, all with different personal goals. Each client is treated with the same commitment to his/her personal goals, as I was

with my Ironman goal. I highly recommend Stacia and Hard Body Personal Training.

-Sally Boettger





Created a Little Miracle:
In July of 2010, I married the man of my dreams and naturally wanted to take the next step and have children. We tried and suffered a miscarriage. My doctor informed me that my weight at the time was one cause to o...ur infertility and my PCOS. I was distraught, I couldn’t believe I let it get this bad—I thought I killed my dreams of becoming a mother. In January of 2011, I found Stacia Weisbach, Owner of Hard Body Personal Training. Slowly but surely, with her guidance and support I was able to lose the weight I needed, in fact I felt better than I ever had. With Stacia’s help I was able to lose 50 pounds and start working with my infertility doctor. In April of 2013, I gave birth to a little miracle. In the end, we didn’t even need the infertility treatments, we did it on our own—well on our own and with the help of Stacia. She definitely changed my life!

-Elena Christian













"Saved My Life"
In December of 2008, my doctor informed me that I was overweight and pre-diabetic. If that wasn’t enough, she also informed me that I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My first thought was “I’m only 35 years old, this should not be happening;” I lost all hope. I thought that it would be impossible to reverse the damage that I had already done to my body.  My doctor said the only solution was diet and exercise, otherwise I risked the chance of managing these conditions with daily medication that come with their own uncomfortable side effects. My wife had been seeing Stacia for over a year, and the results were amazing.  On my wife’s advice, I started seeing Stacia the first week in January 2009, and I have been seeing her ever since.  Stacia not only showed me how to exercise properly, she also helped with my diet.  After 5 months of working with Stacia, my blood pressure is excellent (112/80), my cholesterol went down by 15 points, I am no longer pre-diabetic – my blood sugar went from 110 to 90 – well below the normal range, and I have lost over 20 pounds. My waist is smaller than it was in high school! As an added bonus, I look and feel fantastic. I must say that Stacia literally saved my life.  I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone.  For your overall health and well being, go to Stacia at SD Hard Body, she’ll change your life. 
-Adam Beason​​


"Completely Amazed"
I have been a client of Stacia's for 2 years at Hard Body Personal Training and am truly thankful for her knowledge, support and commitment in helping/guiding me to reaching my goals. I am truly grateful for the service and the results I am achieving. I highly recommend Stacia to all my friends, family and even perfect strangers, that I have met out in the public! And already several have signed up and are enjoying the same benefits I have. I never thought I would actually look forward to a personal training,session, while reaching my goals, as well as feeling healthier and stronger every session. I plan to continue training with Stacia after reaching my goals for the continued motivation and commitment to push myself further than I ever thought possible! And again all made possible by Stacia at Hard Body Personal Training

-Kande Revetta​​​


My husband and I trained with Stacia for just over a year. While we immediately saw and felt the results, in a couple months we began to see the real benefits; weight loss, toning and cardio endurance. With the training and dietary guidance I have seen dramatic improvement in both my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. We haven't  felt this good in years. We moved from the area but keeping in touch via email keeps us accountable and on track. Regardless of your fitness level, Stacia will help you reach your goals as quickly as you want to work to get there.

-Pam Dedomenico

"Highly Recommended"
Stacia is very dedicated and professional in her work. She always has a well thought-out program prepared for each client. She is also helpful with strategies for motivation with your diet and solo workouts. I would highly recommend her.

-Chris Jackson

A New Beginning For Me
I have nothing but praise for the training I have received, I have grown stronger, healthier and smarter about my health, I imagined I could do, if I were to stop this life style it would be like poisoning by body.

-Lee Berry

"A Blessing"
My family including my 13 year old daughter and husband feels so blessed to have found Stacia. I’ve never been committed to working out and now it is a regular part of my lifestyle. Through life’s ups and downs she keeps me motivated and on track. Her sessions are challenging and we enjoy our time with her.

-Zabriskie Family

"Highly Recommended"
I highly recommend Hard Body Personal Training and Stacia to everyone. Stacia is very professional and knowledgeable. Her client's are her #1 priority and she not only reached, but exceeded all my expectations.Having had two personal trainers before Stacia, I soon realized who trains you does matter! Every workout is new and challenging, yet fun and motivates you to keep coming! 

-Heather Copeland

"Fantastic Results"
A type 2 diabetic forced by my wife to hire a personal trainer. I had never exercised before and it is still not my favorite thing to do, but Stacia has found a way to get me there 3 times a week for the past 6 months. I have lost 45 lbs, lowered my blood pressure 25 points, and have more energy than .  Although I have reached my weight loss goals I continue training for the many other benefits I receive. Including accountability, motivation, and the workouts we do to keep my body looking great .

-Tom Gallnis

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