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At the age of seven, I learned how to throw my first softball pitch, a fast ball, which of course wasn't very fast yet. But I kept throwing, growing and getting stronger everyday until it was. And after that first strike out I was hooked to the adrenaline rush, sense of accomplishment, competition, physical conditioning, and team comrade.


The Hard Body Staff is a team which believes there is an athlete in ALL of us. This doesn't mean you have to be the most coordinated or athletic one on the team. But you will accomplish feats that  you never thought possible, while having a great time doing it. Our training programs are anything but boring. So why not come try something new and join our team today!


"People with goals succeed...Give us your fitness goal and together we will achieve it."


Stacia Weisbach

Founder, Hard Body Personal Training



Check out our client transformations!

We have had many clients reach their fitness goals at Hard Body Personal Training so make sure you take some time to check out our Before & After pics on the website. Such an inspiration!


HIIT Classes 8AM and 9AM

99$ for 6 classes If combined with personal training

149$ for 6 classes


Stay tuned to the Hard Body Personal Training for upcoming details on events, races, and more!


Hard Body Personal Training

Hard Body Personal Training

Real People

Real Results


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